07/05/2013 5:39pm

U should check out my web i am only 12 and live in new zealand please check out my web. yours is great and i can se that you watch cute polish tutorials me too
please check out my web bye

01/18/2014 1:30pm

Hello I'm from the U.K and I'm a professional nail art constructor. I'm crazy and weird and love rainbow things and unicorns!! I have Youtube - pleeeez check out mwa's channel :) Ty! BTW I can see your a beginner though your style is unique and glorious!! <3 Hey we should do a collaboration video on Youtube!! REPLY A.S.AP mwahahaha

01/18/2014 1:37pm

Hi I'm Mazie I'm 14 too! I'm kinda new to the world of nail art but I have gone far since my design launches three months ago. You need to put yer ideas out there for the world to see and acknowledge you by!! Get a trademark (I'm doing dat sooooon) Have fun with your nails! Lol
xoxo ~ Mazie :))


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